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Urgent Food and Litter Appeal

We are in urgent need of food and litter donations at the moment! Our vet bills are through the roof!!

Our litter bill stands at £400 and until this is paid we cannot order anymore. If you could possiby add a box of cat or kitten food to your weekly shop to donate to us we would be incredibly grateful. At our last count we had 82 cats in residence at the rescue, not including those in foster homes.


If you would like to donate financially towards Honeycat then please use the links on our website. Credit/Debit cards and Paypal accepted.


Thank you

Mrs Sally Weld & George

George is a beautiful, lovable, big Ginger cat who has been through quite a lot and has come all the way from Manchester.


Mrs Weld of Bindon Mill, Lulworth Estate down in Dorset instantly fell in Love with him after seeing his picture on our website. Mrs Weld, well known for her love of animals, her kind heart and her generosity, knew straight away that she wanted George to be a part of their family. George was taken to Mrs Weld shortly afterwards, where he has settled in very well and is extremely happy in his new forever home.


He has adjusted very well to their Labrador, Kelly and their Parrot, Fletcher. George could not have asked for a more lovable family to be placed with. He has the roam of the Mill house and an exquisite garden which boasts both a river and a moat, where he takes walks with Mrs Weld and enjoys living in sheer luxury.