We are always in need of volunteers


Looking after so many cats uses up a lot of time and is impossible for one person to do. We often have ill cats in crates or if they haven't been neutered or spayed yet then they are also crated. We do this for the minimum amount of time but without crating we risk the cats breeding, which of course isn't what we do.


What  could you do to help?


Our list of jobs is endless, along with medication which currently includes insulin injections, feeding, changing water bowls, emptying litter trays, cleaning littertrays, cleaning food and water bowls, grooming, fussing, giving treats, playing, general housework such as cleaning the floors and sides and laundry, there are also crates to clean out and disinfect. Lucy who runs the rescue also works full time.


Are you a car owner?


We also have constant vet runs, cats coming in and cats needing collecting. We have the cats files to update and many other things that are running behind the scenes including fundraising and donation bin collections.


Could you spare just half an hour?


If you have any spare time and wuld like to help us with any of the above then please contact us. You can come in when it suits you, regularly obviously helps us but it isnt a necessity.